Below are commonly asked questions and some fun facts about our food, stores, team and mission.
If there is something you’re wondering and we haven’t included, please give us a shout out and one of our team members will be happy to help.

Nutrition & Sourcing

What is Little Beet’s food philosophy?

It’s All Good — We believe in good food that’s good for you made by good people.

Why does your menu change seasonally?

The majority of our restaurants are based in locations where there are four seasons per year. To keep up with the harvest an honor our suppliers and Mother Nature, we switch our menu up every season.

What on your menu is gluten-free?

Our menus and restaurants are 100% gluten-free.

How do I navigate your menu around my food allergy, food intolerance or restrictive diet?

You can view our online menu here and sort based on common allergens and lifestyles. Please inform a team member or general manager when visiting one of our stores if you have a food allergy. We always aim to accommodate allergies, intolerances, diets and lifestyles by developing menus with transparent ingredients.

What type of salmon do you use?

Our salmon is farmed and raised in South America from a sustainable fishery.

I don’t know what spirulina, job’s tears and other ingredients are. Can you explain?

Spirulina is a nutrient-packed antioxidant we add to our brown rice and job’s tears are a gluten-free grain we mix with our organic quinoa. We love exploring with and including unique ingredients in our food so we can teach our guests (and ourselves!) about exciting food trends. We are constantly inspired by nutritious food, especially ingredients grown straight from the ground. For this reason we have both an Executive Chef and a Director of Culinary Innovation who work around the clock to evolve our menus and serve new, innovative dishes on a seasonal basis.

Are all of the materials you use compostable?

All of our serving utensils, plate and bowls are made from compostable papers and plastics. We feel proud that these materials will biodegrade exponentially faster than ordinary materials and we continue to work towards a more sustainable solution. Our carbon footprint is something we take very seriously and we welcome feedback on ways to improve.

App & Online Ordering

How do I place an online order?

You can order through our Apple app here, our Android app here or our desktop website here.

How are your app rewards and loyalty program set up?

We built our loyalty program with help and insight from over a thousand Little Beet community members so we could cater the rewards precisely to our guests’ desires. To learn more about our app, rewards and loyalty program, check out this page.

I'm missing a receipt! Can you help me?

Absolutely! Please reach out to us and let us know the date, Little Beet location and last four digits of the card you paid with to receive a copy of your receipt.

Catering & Events

How do I place a catering order?

You can learn more about our catering program and place an order here or contact us to receive support from our Catering and Events team to put together a menu for your event.

Will you sponsor my event?

Thanks for thinking of us! We are humbled by every sponsorship opportunity that comes our way and will do anything we can to support our community. Please reach out to us with the details of your event to make a donation request. Due to the volume of opportunities we receive, our team may not be able to reply if your request does not align with our philanthropy efforts.

People & Culture

I’m interested in working for Little Beet. How do I find job openings and apply?

That’s great! We’re excited to (almost!) welcome you to Team Beet. You can learn more about job openings here and apply for open positions here.

I’m a current employee and I have a question. How can I get in touch?

Hey friend! Reach out to us here and someone from our team will get back to you.

Where can I record a suggestion I have for your food/ team/ brand/ stores?

We’re glad to hear you’re as passionate about our brand as we are. Please let us know what’s on your mind by shooting us a note and we’ll be in touch with you. Thanks in advance for taking the time to help us improve our restaurants.

Locations & Expansion

Where can I find a Little Beet location?

You’re in luck. All of our locations and their related information are listed here.

Is Little Beet planning to expand? And if so, how can I suggest a new location?

We’re always growing. Please reach out here with any real estate suggestions you may have.

Does Little Beet offer franchise opportunities?

We are not franchising at the moment but we are always open to a conversation. Please reach out to us if you’d like to chat further about an opportunity.


I’m a journalist/ blogger/ influencer and I’d like to partner with Little Beet. How do I get in touch?

We’re happy to host you. Please reach out here to schedule a visit at one of our locations.

Does Little Beet have an Ambassador program?

We’re on it. Stay tuned!